Ebay account suspended? Paypal account limited?

ebay account suspended - devastatedIs your Ebay account suspended? Is your Paypal account limited? We know the exact secrets to get you back to buying and selling on Ebay, and using Paypal fully – 100% for sure. Read on to find out.

An Ebay account suspension, especially if you were making good money, is a very frustrating and shocking experience that can give you that sinking feeling almost as terrible as being fired from a job. One day you are happily selling and the next day you log in and find out, to your horror, that you have had your Ebay account suspended and that this wonderful source of income has been shut down – with no warning – a total shock!

You get nowhere with them

And when you try to find out why, all you get are automated responses with a link to a page of complicated rules that eBay made up. Even after you read it all, you are still left in mystery as to why exactly was your Ebay account suspended. Ebay must think you did something terribly wrong because you are now banned from ever buying or selling on Ebay for the rest of your life! That is cruel.

So you try to open another

When you try to open another account, it gets suspended almost immediately. That’s because Ebay has ways of detecting that this second account was opened by you. They do this by finding matching pieces of information (both personal AND hidden electronic information) and when enough are found, they can be sure it’s the same person and will suspend you.

What can you do???

So what can you do? You can set up what we call an “Un-Linkable” account, meaning an account that Ebay cannot match (link) to your suspended account. Ebay will then assume that you are a new member and will let you open a new account. So if your Ebay account is suspended or your Paypal account is limited, read what to do about it HERE.